Saturday, 25 February 2012

GOD-The Best Creation Of Mankind

“No, don’t do it/ It s a grave sin/You’ll get punished by Him/He’s looking at you /Someday , he will pay you for your Karma”.
Sounds familiar?
Heard too much of this from the world around you?
Well you are smart enough to guess here that my tone is NOT in favour of “HIM-THE HIGHER POWER”.
So yes, today I d like to share my views on Atheism.In a very broad sense, as we all know, atheism refers to the rejection of belief in God. Now in this article I am not interested in expressing myself from a religious angle.

I d like to talk about one God , the one ultimate power(as believed to be).Well in our minds we all know that we have never seen God, and we also know that we will never witness him in the forthcoming life.
But we believe in Him (atleast most of us do). And why is that so?

There are two angles to examine this.

The first one is BELIEF SYSTEM.

Whatever we feel is out of our reach, which we cannot get to, which we feel helpless about , there’s only one solution to believe upon : Leave it to GOD
“You can’t get your life out of turmoil? Leave it to Him. He will handle”
“Your friend is dying in the hospital and u can’t do a thing about it? Leave it to him. He will heal him.”
“Your career sucks ? Your relationships are screwed? Have faith in Him. He will solve your problems.”

What is common in all of this?
Every time, you are unable in finding a solution. You have ruined the life around you and have no idea what to do.
So you let your belief shift to a higher power (Which you believe is somewhere there behind the blue skies).
You yourself want to believe in some power that has the authority and capability to resolve all your issues.
You don’t see this belief in YOURSELF. So you introduce “HIM” into your life.
What if I believe in a piece of stone(or a leaf…you can take up anything) and say “I have faith in it . It’s gonna solve my problems”.
And say coincidently I am lucky enough and my problems start disappearing.
Then it’s the SAME DAMN principle.
Here, I leave no difference between a rock/leaf and my so called “GOD”.

The second aspect of Atheism I find crucial is “DERIVATION OF MORALITY FROM GOD”.
I feel most of us derive conscience because of fear of GOD.
Right from childhood, we are programmed by people around us to do good deeds and not to fall for evil activities.
And we are jeopardised by saying that we‘ll be severely punished by the Lord if we don’t follow these guidelines.And then , what do we do? We learn to live with it and accept it the way it is spoon-feeded to us.

We are made to believe in a HEAVEN and a HELL. We are made to believe that punishment awaits us if we violate the DO’S and DON’TS list which has been formulated by “HIM”.Our conscience is not governed by our own ideals but from the GOOD and BAD listed by God.

Let me give an example here.
In 1600’s Galileo discovered that the Earth revolved around the Sun.For this great discovery of his , the catholic church HOUSE ARRESTED him.(Yes! It actually did).The church believed that the Earth was sacred and was the centre of the universe , and it was IMMORAL and BLASPHEMOUS of Galileo to say that earth moved around the sun and not the other way round.

Now I have only one question: “Who decided that the earth was sacred? God?”
“Who decided it was IMMORAL to talk of the earth in this manner? God?”
It was NEVER God. It never has been.

So all I want to convey here is that there are so many guidelines/instructions/beliefs which are responsible for designing our moral system.
And these guidelines are believed to be that of GOD’s, but the truth is these are complex, manipulated and intricate ideas which hold very less rationale.

With that I would like to conclude and say that I am still waiting for theism to prove that God exists.
All responses would be highly appreciated